"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

The Yeastie Boys were formed in 2009, built from the Frequent Brewer's Club members at Learn to Brew in Moore, Oklahoma. The purpose of this club is to support local homebrewers, both novice and expert, and develop a stronger knowledge base in the science of Zymurgy. As our club continues to grow and evolve we will continue to sponsor meetings and activities for our members that promote the fun aspects of homebrewing.  Our meetings usually take place every other month, on Thursdays and we typically rotate meeting locations between the two Learn to Brew stores.  Stay tuned here or check out Facebook for the most up to date information.  Cheers!

- Benjamin Franklin

We have to throw a shout out to our boys at Learn to Brew, first and foremost if it wasn't for them the Yeastie Boys wouldn't exist as we do now.  Additionally they selflessly volunteer time and space for us to have our meetings.  It's highly doubtful that you aren't familiar with these guys but if for some crazy reason you aren't, you need to check them and their awesome prices on homebrew equipment out.  Go like their page, hit up their website and if you are in the neighborhood swing by and visit them!  They have a store in Moore and one in Oklahoma City.

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