Come celebrate Oklahoma City Craft Beer Week with us Wednesday, May 14th, 7pm at Learn To Brew in OKC!
Who are we??
The Yeastie Boys were formed in 2009, built from the Frequent Brewer's Club members at Learn to Brew in Moore, Oklahoma.  The purpose of this club is to support local homebrewers, both novice and expert, and develop a stronger knowledge base in the science of Zymurgy.  As our club continues to grow and evolve we will continue to sponsor meetings and activities for our members that promote the fun aspects of homebrewing. Our meetings take place quarterly, so come join the YB, relax, and have a homebrew!

Join the Yeastie Boys
The YB is a young club, so joining now is the best time because you'll be a part of this growing organization at the ground level.  Currently we are developing a membership list, so if you would like to become a Yeastie Boy, it's as simple as contacting us and being part of our quarterly meetings.  

Haven't homebrewed yet but you're curious?  You can still join and learn from your new friends.  Join our mailing list for updates about meetings and other functions.  E-mail us at

Why homebrew?
Many people who have never homebrewed before are quick to ask this question.  With such a wide variety of craft beers available, why go through the process of making your own beer?  The very same question could be asked to someone who takes the time to make a pie from scratch, prepare a steak on the grill, or even build their own house.  Why take the time when there are perfectly good products out there to purchase?  We do it for the pride of craftsmanship.  Whether your goal is to clone your favorite beer or create an original, the finish product is result of your work....and it's something to be proud of!
Lots of homebrewers learned the craft from family members and are carrying on the tradition, while others have read books by Charlie Papazian or Michael Jackson and fell in love with beer.  Some want to save money so they brew high quality beer for pennies per bottle while others want to expand their palate.  Regardless of the reason, homebrewing is an American tradition that has found a new audience in this golden age of craft beer.  Whether your interests lie in carpentry, science, arts, or you just like beer and want to do something that will bring you and your friends together, homebrewing has something for everyone.

About Learn to Brew
Learn to Brew is your source for beer and wine making products and information.  The company was created by a professional brewer and is run by a professional brewer.  Interested in learning from their professional brewer?  Take a class at Learn to Brew.  Visit their south location in Moore, OK at 2307 South I-35 Frontage Road or their north location in Oklahoma City, OK at 900 N. May Ave #2B or by phone at (405) 793-2337.  Anyone can make great tasting home brewed beer or master the art of home wine making!  Visit for more info. 
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